Akshar Floor Premium Quality Artificial Grass Knowledge Center

How to choose artificial grass for your home ?

When purchasing artificial grass, many of our family customers only pay attention to the appearance and touch. In fact, we have professional parameters, which make it convenient to compare the quality and cost performance of products. 

When choosing artificial grass products, clients are more strict for sports grass. Of course, home users don’t have to spend much effort studying the parameters due to different usage scenarios, but home users can refer to the following criteria.

Does artificial grass suitable for commercial use?

We see artificial turf being used in a wide variety of settings every day – the versatility and application of grass in a commercial setting is growing year on year. Where can artificial grass be used? Artificial grass is great for indoor and outdoor use in a number of locations, including but certainly not limited to: bars, restaurants, hotels, shops, cafes, office, gyms, swimming pool, surrounds, exhibitions.

How to choose artificial grass lawn for your office ?

The benefits to install artificial turf in an office:

  1. It makes a great first impression on visitors.
  2. It can help to create a more relaxing and productive work environment to employees.
  3. It will be much safer. Since it creates a non-slip surface as opposed to polished concrete or wood surfaces. And also the most important, the artificial grass is fire-resistant, which can increases safety.